Saturday, May 19, 2012

Jackie Chan Retiring Is Not Badass

Even though I knew it was coming, it still came as a shock:

Speaking in Cannes, Chan said that his latest Hollywood outing, Chinese Zodiac, would be the last time audiences see him in a leading action role.

“This is my last action film,” he said. “I tell you, I’m not young any more. I’m really, really tired.

“And the world is too violent right now. It’s a dilemma - I like action but I don’t like violence.”

Chan has been talking of retirement for the past couple of years but said today that this time he really means it.

Read the original article here, then reflect on the greatness of Jackie Chan below.

** UPDATE **

One day after the news of Chan's retirement broke, the following appeared on Jackie Chan's official website:

Hello All My friends and fans,

Yesterday in my press conference in Cannes for Chinese 12 Zodiac I said that this movie was my last big action movie.

Today I was shocked when I woke up to read all the news coverage that I was retiring from doing Action movies.

I just want to let everyone know that I am not retiring from doing action movies. What I meant to say is that I need to do less of the life risking stunts on my movies. After all these years of doing so many stunts and breaking so many bones, I need to take better care of my body so I can keep working.

I will continue to do international action movies.

And I will keep improving my English :-)

I love all of you!