Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Clandestine: Follow the Path Looks Badass

Thousand Pounds Action Company has started a Kickstarter for their proposed webseries, Clandestine: Follow the Path.

The story in Clandestine is big and supernatural but personal in its telling. That is what’s going to make it powerful. Even more so since the main character, our heroine Adelene, only discovers who she is as the series begins. Completely unbeknownst to her is her role as the matriarch of one of five ancient clans with unworldly powers fighting for control of the physical world.

The setting is modern day. It begins as four leaders of the feuding clans who hold power over the world convene at a secret meeting. There, they’re ambushed and killed. The outcome leads to chaos, with rampant suspicions running between and even within the clans.

Enter Adelene, a street smart young woman who has come to live life relying only on herself. She begins to have visions of a life she knows nothing about. They worsen. One night, the vision is of an older man. He tells her he’s her deceased father, until recently the head of the Lion Clan. She was given up at birth for her safety, given sanctuary from brutal reality by being kept in the dark, living in the haze of a normal day-to-day existence. Now, he tells her, that sanctuary is no more.

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