Monday, July 2, 2012

Is The Amazing Spider-Man Badass?

It is roughly 5:50 am, and I'm extremely giddy because I just got home after a screening of The Amazing Spider-Man 3D, and I loved it!

The tagline of this iteration of Spider-Man is "The Untold Story", and this is partially true as the complete origin is supposed to take place over three films. On the other hand, the story thus far is basically the same as Sam Raimi's Spider-Man only with the details filed off and The Lizard replacing the Green Goblin. These are not bad things, and The Amazing Spider-Man is a near perfect updating of everyone's favorite wall-crawler. This is not to say that Sam Raimi's Spidey films are outdated or flawed. They're not. Rather, this is an update in the same way that comic books get updated every ten years or so in an attempt to connect with the current audience. As such, it is an incredible success and comes across as a mature, almost Batman Begins reimagining of the Spider-Man story.

I saw the 3D version, and was glad I did. Spider-Man's acrobatic fighting style and the web swinging sequences really looked amazing (no pun intended). However, I'm not sure I'd see it again in 3D as the rest of the movie didn't seem to benefit from it.

If you're a fan of Spider-Man in any incarnation, this is the movie for you. I'm pleased to say that as I exited the theater I overheard many exclamations, and I can't agree enough, that The Amazing Spider-Man was totally Badass.